Sustainable Communities

At Fairwood, we aim to create and cultivate smart and connected communities by:

Providing residents with education and skills building opportunities related to sustainable home improvements and homeownership.

Connecting residents with each other and the community via modern technology and outreach events.

Instilling shared values and cooperation among our residents, our neighborhoods, and our communities.


Resource Conservation and Awareness

We offer extensive features and tools to help our residents live a more sustainable life.

Learn about your watershed and stay up to date on your water balance. 

Monitor your home energy production and get to know your carbon footprint.

Enjoy attractively designed native landscaping features and natural habitat. 

Growing Together

Our model is to invest in quality homes, sustainable technologies, and innovative concepts that:

Give our residents the tools to save on utility bills.

Improve local communities and promote progress.

Add value and create improved experiences for current and future residents.